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At first, I liked her alright, she was funny, and smart, and pretty. I was doing my own thing then (mostly the web), I didn't really chase her down too much.

Chandra looks up Then she had my friend Raina tell me clandestinely that Chandra was interested in me. That turned me on, she radiated possibility. Our time together took on a greater charge. One time, we were hanging out across the hall together, sitting next to each other on a bed, under a blanket. Our hands met, we groped and held hands secretly.

A few nights later, Sunday April 10, we were in the student lounge together, and finally alone. We spent a few hours talking - introduction stuff, fun, taken, she was stimulating as hell, just entrancing. We went up to the radio station to watch some friends do a radio show, and went back to her house for more talking on her massive green couch. It was about four hours before we began fooling around, fifteen minutes before we were having sex.

From there on in, she was on my mind constantly. I relished any opportunity to visit her, to cuddle, to engage her incisive analytical mind. She had an uncanny presence, distinctive moves, like water. She appeared as an elfin princess, with a funky ass wardrobe. She liked to wear a full-body red pajama suit, with one of those buttflaps. She was especially proud of her full length green astroturf overcoat.

In those days,

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