chandra chandra

river run (1 meg aiff) (1/20/95)

So few nights have I sat
here now post considering the
bygone and fresh
You linger on acquaintence
smiles seem strange
and I am jarred immature
When by viture of value
my fear of forward strikes
me down
and so I watch another
boldly with friends move on
and while I knew this
to be true, seeing you
in action was not right.
removed from you
body is to come face flush
with the persona
with whom I am love smitten
torn between
riding high with my companions
crawling towards the closed legs
of now single companion
or now here time with my.
The clarity of vision
I had grasped between my teeth
was lost when I opened maw
to answer yaw.
Now I feel more wrecked and
shipped than before - to know you
again as not mine, in me tertwined
hurt more than forgotten.
So to I do nally wonder
to tuggeth silly slander
will two hearted
be heartened?
Swift, bold strokes
carry me down the river.
Guides I pick up
and drop off, as I paddle
past their destinations
No one stays on overlong
but their butt prints
all mark their seats on
my canoe. They stay warm,
for their return.
So I leave the rainforest
a dew awash and wet
confusing silent screaming
and I sail for civ and
a short return, hope I
for my jungle explorations
trails unbeaten uncleared
for the next deluded discoverer?
But other tributaries
streams creeks rapids rivers
afford passage - all uncharted
I seek the stillwaters.
they say they run deep.

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