chandra chandra

one year (4/14/95)

today, less a year met I chandra woman friend of mine now
we have deep grooves
blunted almost old couple
having lived through each other for this time
even the four months we spent apart seems as nothing,
like the year between us
honesty and space come quick tounge slower sex not as often
some passions cooled
leaving a hardened love in their place
as we each persue ourselves
and meet back for occasional intimacy

you I love slower now
like you're not going to get away
and when you do,
I faith you'll come back.
this in me is faith too
and finally are we learning trust?
at least the daily downs
are not so smitten driven

this reflection
that we've been so high
a different respect is in order
handling maturity
age, comfort, steadiness
we both need it

from here on towards
where we are
and you I love,
slower now,
I look in your eyes
for surer signs
and steady beauty
which has faded
not one iota
since sunday
we played on couches together
you sat on my prick
I never felt more fluid

to mourn passing, aging change
to cherish love, a soul, a body
and me through you more myself and you
so proud, I can see it sometimes
you look at me, holding me with your eyes
and I feel so young again

still your master
has more hours of your day
than my crooning and caresses
(everything of mine you return bears his kisses!)
I have learned to be a second force
I make my bed nice you
my arms stronger
hold you tighter
when you nestle your head
I pretend I'm your shell

I still see you
and behind,
your world
lost wandering
or pity pondering
I'm still not a guide
but becoming a versed traveller

lush, but prone to violent storms
and unexpected dry spells.
(I've learned to carry my own water.)

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