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humanist technology

Technology is the culmination of everything wealthy, white, male, secular, soulless, first world, western, intellectual, artificial.

Now that mindset has sewn the seeds of its own reconsideration.

Decentralized systems of global communication broaden the scope of dialogue - potential participants are limited only by their propensity for publishing.

Having achieved this pinnacle of technological excellence, western civilization is paralyzed by a lack of idealism, imparting direction - all dressed up with no place to go. In its flounderings for meaning, it is both attracted to and squelching the wisdom of the non-white, non-male, non-western world.

Technology provides an opportunity for synthesis. The values and wisdom of foreign folks could be integrated into a world whole body of knowledge - the global brain. Ordinary citizens empowered by technology can act for a better personal, and societal future.

Or, the same slicksters will sell us immediate gratification faster better and cheaper. Computer proliferation will accelerate the trend towards passivity amidst alienation and violence.

If the rosy scenario is to come to pass, a study must be made of the critical synthesis.

I propose to study the synthesis of multiculturalism and technology.
How can humanity heal itself over the wires?
Can the non-technological exist in a technological framework?
What is lost in the technological transformation?
How is communication being commodified?

computopia, Internet Evangelism and Vonnegutted

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