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An english teacher from my high school.
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 20:22:40 -0600
From: rva036@lulu.acns.nwu.edu
To: justin@bud.com

non-linear narratives

Hi Justin,
        Good to hear from you today.  Here are some titles:
Novels:      Beloved, Toni Morrison; Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut;
House Made of Dawn, Scott Momaday; Ceremony, Leslie Silko; The Joy Luck
Club, Amy Tan; John Dollar, Marianne Wiggins; Heart of Darkness, Joseph
Conrad; As I Lay Dying, Willian Faulkner
        How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, Julia Alvarez--narrative
goes backwards
Short Stories: "Barn Burning," William Faulkner--stream of consciousness;
"The Magic Poker" and "The Elevator," Robert Coover--segments
        See the paperback anthology Super Fiction: or The American Story
Transformed, ed. Joe Bellamy, Vintage Books Books, 1975, which contains
"The Elevator," Robert Coover and "Chiaroscuro" by Ursule Molinaro
        Sorry, I could think of more novels than short stories.  Hope these
are useful.  Hope you're well.  Good luck with the teaching.

Mary Dilg

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