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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 23:42:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Abbe Don <abbe@abbedon.com>
To: justin@cyborgasmic.com
Subject: nonlinear narrative
Hey, did your students get to this section yet? Thanks for putting No Soup on the list. These books are long and dense, but the biggest influences on my understanding of nonlinear narrative are first and foremost "HOPSCOTCH" by Julio Cortazar which has a "table of instructions" for moving through his book. considering he first wrote it in 1966 in Spanish, it's quite remarkable. There are short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, such as 'Garden of the Forking Paths" but just about anythin in the collection of short stories called "Ficciones" is excellent. I don't particularly like "Dictionary of the Khazars" but it tries to do intersting things with nonlinear narrative. And of course, another classis is John Barth's collection of short stories called "Lost In the Funhouse" which has a little mobious strip that you cut out and it says, infinitely, "Once upon a time, a story began..." If you are having an online discussion with your students or if they ahve feedback about No Soup, please have them contact me! Good luck, Abbe ______________________________________________________________________________ Abbe Don abbe@abbedon.com Abbe Don Interactive, Inc. San Francisco, CA 94114 http://www.abbedon.com/ ABORTION IS A LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE! ______________________________________________________________________________

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