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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 96 09:53:49 -0600
From: gabby <raindog@iquest.net>
To: justin@cyborgasmic.com
Subject: comment - non linear narrative
Hi Justin, I've spent the past 2 days reading over your web pages - and particularly those about your web ethics course - and (...) You're concentrating today on non linear narrative - and the suggestions of your high school teacher are spot on - I just wanted to suggest one other book: _The Trick Is to Keep Breathing_ by Janice Galloway. She is a Scottish author whose work has just recently been published over here. This book is a fascinating exploration into the mind of a woman who is having a breakdown. What Galloway does with the format of the text and the structure of the book (moving commentary into the margins - lots of white space - repetition of words and images - she's achieved a hypertext affect in print) is groundbreaking and challenges one's concept of the novel. Besides all this - it's a wonderful book - it pierces the soul with the protagonist's anguish as much as it makes the reader laugh. Galloway has a more recent novel (1995) called _Foreign Parts_ which also uses non-linear narrative. Anyway - thank you for your work - I'll read on. . . . gabby

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