mystical chemists?

Anyway I was wondering if there was anybody that could offer me any guidance in the area of mystical chemistry. That is, I strongly believe that the act of participating in lab experiments is in itself a meditation that, upon repetition can bring one to understanding of the unity and beauty in the universe.

But does anybody look at it like that?

My adviser at Swarthmore College's chemistry department, Professor Pete Thompson, told me when I applied to be a major and used a quote from a Sufi mystic about the studying the atom because it contains, in the purest form, the knowledge of the cosmic One (in all, of course), that I sounded like I was on some sort of LSD trip. I am extremely interested in chemistry relating to the manipulations of the universes of anti-matter, whether directly or indirectly.

I just wish someone would tell me that they agree with me that something is very wrong in the scientific community if recently when a UVA student walked out in the middle of a lecture and killed himself in the lobby, the response of the scientists in the department was to tell all the students file into the lab and begin their experiments only to later announce that one of their classmates had killed themselves. Since the professors deemed it unneccessary to tell the students which one of them had died, they were left looking around in their lab wondering which one of them wasn't there.

Are there any scientists that think that, at whatever intellectual level one is at in the process of learning, what is important is the love and the passion, and not a blind worship of the brain?

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