8 march, 1996

rain and hail
rain and hail
in fort lauderdale.

i'm in public transit
solid snow
after two hours of sleep
I awake to

mass migration southward
weeklong birds

I'm seated with the overweight
the enlisted servers in the back of the plane

transit is weird
and wasteful. charlotte is a "hub" so they've built for us the amenities of home leather chairs even a piano (I should learn) I imagine life in the airport is nicer than home for some a cheers bar where everybody's glad you came they even have a body shop I should buy something to celebrate. each meal generates a littel red plastic trayful of grease waste there are many choices to eat but none are enlightened I visit a city, a whole culture somewhere exists outside this hermetically sealed port of air seated on the plane with a girl from new jersey, going to marrimount not too responsive I get the best of myself after some unresponsive dialog it's the future!
talking about handsets and video monitors on the seat in front of you I'm one of those psychotic passengers who talks too much. just kidding. and I lean down to get my computer, her foot is tensed, raised upwards. back to writing about the i ching. arrival, stephanie is there, coincidence at the rental car place I see footage of a copy dragging a speeder woman from her car uncalled for

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