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standard fruit

they make dole brand.

maybe it's my friendship with carew finally getting to me;

i was very interested in standard fruit when i arrived in honduras

maybe it's their dubious history in the region,
maybe it's the endless rows and rows of trees and bushes they own under my plane the first flight i made over land

maybe it's the way la ceibans say "standard"

as the company name

people i knew worked there, in different departments.

so the argument goes they provide work
employ so many people, good jobs
for some, the best jobs;
ie, benefits, money, corporate ladder stuff

but what about the land they use
lots of land
(statistics to come)
could be many many small sufficient family farms

i took a trip from ceiba to near sava, near las islas (?)
to research how a banana gets from honduras to my breakfast bowl
it was saturday, no workers,
but i got a worker-tour
photos to come

standard fruit

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