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santa teresita

santa teresita

the santa teresita is the oldest hospedaje in puerto lempira, dating back to the seventies, before the refugee crisis. There were three concrete buildings in PL in the seventies, sez tom, and this was one of them.

roomy About 14 rooms, each for 35 lempiras a night - the cheapest in pl, just under 3 dollars. Each room with a concrete floor, a desk a thin matress on a wood frame, low thread count sheets, and a flourescent light that could be turned on from 6 until 10. I requested and recieved as well a chair.

for your protection, each door has an AIDS (SIDA) warning sticker. i didn't quite assume why until i remet one of the crew from the capitan rinel on June 29.

"hello my friend"

hola, que paso.

he was bueno, but right off the bat he needed some money. bleary eyed, intoxicated, trying to remember patronizing english, initially psyched to have run into the one gringo he knew in town - 20 lempiras, he wanted, to pay his puta. there may be a sharing money ethic here, but i just felt put-on.

there was also a monkey, a sad little dirty thing, that would crawl on your arm and not let go. he was astonishingly human, and depressing on a meter long piece of chord. he chattered at me to come play every time i walked by. i played some but i didn't like monkey smell; he was always wiping stuff on me.

the monkey in brus laguna and i got along bettah.

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