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GaijinHouse Room

Tour the room, from left to right (horizontal scrolling) -

mansion master
the tall, blue spare fridge left in my foyer.
Where should I put it?
"That is your choice."
Removed shoes
Compact water closet
College-sized bed.
Can I get a larger bed for visitors?
Maybe, and friends.
"Okay, a double mattress, no frame."
"Please wait a few days,
the storage room is full,
we have no where to put the old bed."
Small vacuum
Variable flourescent overhead light
TV/VCR, 10 channels
Desk repositioned to watch TV,
Nihongo textbook,
laptop connected to in-house DSL/ethernet
Rolling shelf with microwave, toaster oven, coffemaker, old hat
Desk with phone and fax, answering machine

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