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cellular like Perhaps it's because of the crazy weather, which has strewn swedes in isolation across the tundra perhaps

it's that desire to communicate without having to be in close physical proximity to actual people, as someone suggested to me

would americans all have cellular phones if they were cheap, or if americans all had cellular phones?

Estimated forty percent of stockholm has a semi-permanent single antenna connecting them to the rest of mobile sweden

I saw people on a boat call people on another, a few metres across the water
I had many conversations interupted by other conversations
I was in groups of swedes where more than one person was talking to one person not geographically present

Everywhere is people standing talking head up, for most men, and head down for women

that feels true

visually true

I joked that sweden was going to also pioneer brain cancer research,
due to all the scuttlebutt about phones frying braincells

one woman told e a cell phone left running and placed next to a raw egg will eventually hardboil it

it's conveinant to find people, and Svante could still not be found
from a technology watchers standpoint people seem motivated towards lighter, smaller, within limits, some things are insubstantial, and hence brakeable: Svante carries his brick phone in his back pocket and could sit on it and break it if it was too flimsy.

the technology has hit a limit, as Svante noted, the natural distance from our ear to our mouth. But people in Japan have cell phones that sits in the ear and records voice through the ear, bla bla bla technology is very exciting, people in Louisiana have mobile phone service to the dead, anytime anywhere any past life. Bla bla bla

Anyways, this is life in sweden
everyone young and hip is differently but similarily simeltaneously connected like my friends on spacebar. I'm at this bar, meet me here, I'll be home late, did you return the movie.

Let's make a small town of our fast life.

The only concession to portable semi cellular technology I've made is a pilot, which keeps wonderful track of all my time and connections, lists of media to consume and provides portable tao te chang. If I could call people from it for less than one dollar for one minute I just might

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