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Being a visitor means a lot of smorgasbord;

I don't know if that's what they call breakfast, but that's certainly the feeling -

every meal is meat, salted fishyness, skinny bread, diary products, eggs, pickled things and pate.

Something about the swedes and the soviets, they both eat meat heavy breakfast

Svante will have you know that "I don't eat any breakfast at all, Justin is lying about the whole thing".

For example soft boiled eggs on thin cut delicious dark rye bread

Maja says "we are very proud of this bread"
Svante cannot remember the name but recognize the bread pride in his heart

and then they have costco kaviar, pink roe to salt it up.

Sometimes they drink milk that tastes like it fermented

"Shit man in america you pack your milk full of conservatives and poisons. Swedish milk comes directly from a cow. You know what a cow looks like, american?"

For dinner, smorgasbord, I was in heaven: heaping platters of raw salmon

why does it taste so good? Is it salty, smokey?

"Salty. I use to make it myself when I was younger and fished a lot, the salty taste because of the way you make it, put the salmon filets in grains of salt and black pepper"

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