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USC Interactive Media Application: Portfolio List

This is a record of multimedia projects I've been involved with. Listings of my work as a freelance writer and lecturer have been included with my CV, please see www.links.net/share/cv.

March 2004, "Indie Game Jam" Position: Artist/Chronicler
Created 2D graphics for a number of hastily produced video games. Photographed and wrote about the event for Gamasutra.com. Created an documentary short about the event with filmmaker Ryan Junell. Built the official IGJ web site. Oakland, California.

December 2002, "MMOG Blog" Position: Researcher
Built a private database of articles relating to legal issues in multiplayer online gaming for Professor Lawrence Lessig and writer Julian Dibbell, as part of their Law in Cyberspace class at Stanford University Law School. Tokyo, Japan; Berkeley, California.

September 2002, "Game Girl Advance" Position: Writer/Editor/Technical
Writer and co-editor for a weblog about video game culture, with critic Jane Pinckard. Performed weblog setup and maintenance duties. Berkeley California.

Summer 2002, "The New Gods" Position: On-Air Host/Writer
Traveled to video game conferences and interviewed a series of video game designers, producers, critics and businesspeople for a video game talk show pilot, with filmmaker Ryan Junell. San Francisco, California.

July 2002, "Just In Tokyo" Position: Writer
'zine-style guidebook to Tokyo, Japan, published with Garrett County Press, New Orleans, Louisiana, and released on the web with a Creative Commons license.

June 2002, "joi.ito.com" Position: Design/Coach/Technical
Drafted and designed "blog" style web site for technology entrepreneur Joichi Ito; built and maintained the early version of the site. Tokyo, Japan.

April 2002, "FCCJ Web Plan" Position: Writer
As a member of their "ITPC committee" drafted a plan for the web site for the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan. Tokyo, Japan.

March 2002, "Indie Game Jam" Position: Artist/Level Designer/Chronicler
Built levels for a helicopter flying game "Firefighter" created by game programmers Chris Hecker and Doug Church. Created 2D graphics for a number of other hastily-produced video games. Photographed and wrote about the event for Wired magazine. Oakland, California.

November 2001, "Chanpon.org" Position: Editor/Technical
Editorial and technical lead for a web site exploring Japanese-foreign interculturalism with researcher Mizuko Ito. The site included both a weblog and static pages. Tokyo, Japan and Oakland, California.

Summer 2001, "Smart Mobs database" Position: Technical
Built a database for author Howard Rheingold to share data for his book-in-progress Smart Mobs with researchers around the world, over the web. Mill Valley, California.

February 2001, "Justin Hall Show" Position: On-Air Host/Writer
Developed pilot for an interview show about young artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, with filmmaker Ryan Junell.

Summer 2000, "Radio Free Steve' Position: Actor
Short cameo appearance as "crazed internet evangelist" in a science fiction film, by Texas director Jules Beesley.

Spring 1999, "Blood" Position: Actor/Writer
Performed my own lines in a short film about menstruation by director Amy Squires; film played at the "Power of Pussy" Film Festival in San Francisco, viewable on IFilm.

Fall 1998, "Web Workshop" Position: On-Air Host. ZDTV
On-air host, speaking and interviewing people about the internet for live television. ZDTV (now TechTV), San Francisco.

May 1998 "technology and citizen choice: priorities and responsibility for tool selection" Position: Writer.
Undergraduate thesis for special major "Meaning Context and Media," exploring the control individuals have over technology in their lives. Written as a hypertext document on the world wide web; graded by Professors Timothy Burke and Philip Weinstein. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Pennsylvania.

Summer 1997, "Mopawi's Indigenous Development Efforts" Position: Writer
A series of reports on indigenous development efforts in the rainforests of La Mosquitia with the nonprofit organization Mopawi. Interviews in English, Spanish and Miskito. Puerto Lempira and Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Spring 1996, "Home Page" Position: Actor
Co-starring role in a feature documentary about personal publishing on the internet, directed by Doug Block. Presented the film at the Sundance Film Festival.

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