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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

Web Publishing

This is a new publishing medium. This new medium means that people are freed from the usual constraints of publication and distribution costs. These are the people taking advantage of that - publishing a broader range of materials than otherwise might be available, or publishing a more technologically rich publication, or publishing less commercially viable materials.

This page covers web publishering - magaines and e-zines.

the Broader View

Magazines about the web

These are the people that do what I do, sort of. They have web pages that cover other web pages, and the net at large. Of course they don't have my sense of joie de vivre, or purity of essence, but they try.


These are magazines that might exist without the web. While they may take advantage of links, many have not integrated the web culture/technology into their publications.

Some of these have integrated web culture/technology into their publications, while concerning themselves with matters beyond simply cool sites.

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