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commentson 7 March 2004 : 09:18, Katherine sez:

I'm hoping your post will inspire me to clean and rest and let go into the quiet . . . I've been thinking a lot lately, too, about what will become of me . . . open vistas are so beautiful, just so dang vvvvvvaaaaaaaaassssssst.

commentson 7 March 2004 : 21:45, Ruby sez:

Well done! My dad (who lives in London, to tie in the other thread) likes to tell this story of getting frustrated at the I Ching and exclaiming its meaninglessness. To prove his point, he grabbed the book and opened it to a random page. The page said "The wise man does not question the oracle."

commentson 7 March 2004 : 22:14, Just Wondering sez:

How do you know that R.L. Wing is female?

Also, regarding the values of your tosses, do you use dedicated I Ching coins on which the numbers are already marked, or ordinary coins? If the latter, do you count heads as 2, or 3?

commentson 8 March 2004 : 08:51, anne sez:

I've found that sometimes the I Ching does what my friend likes to call a "psychic overide". You keep asking the question, it keeps answering something not related. Assuming you are doing it correctly, sometimes the question the I CHing answers is not the question you had in mind, but a deeper question that, upon reflection, is becomes obvious and has a more profound importance in your life.

commentson 8 March 2004 : 17:51, robin sez:

Your experience parallels my own recent tarot posting.

Funny how two perspectives can coax what's relevent into the light.

commentson 11 March 2004 : 15:45, Howard sez:

Iprobably told Justin that RL Wing is female, since I know her.

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