Comments on next film - ritual romance
commentson 4 November 2004 : 16:18, Kim Pallister sez:

Cool idea. Maybe you should look at one of those speed-dating organizations/meetings. Maybe you could actually join one and go film each of the 3 minute meetings you do. Might not be the best way for you to meet that special someone though!

...or you could go to amsterdam, where there are legal/tolerated forms of 'formalized intimacy'... or Montreal for that matter.

commentson 6 November 2004 : 21:18, Joao sez:

Justin, I have a suggestion for a next film project. I'm not sure what rules or guidelines you follow in creating your shorts, but I think it would be fascinating to have interaction from your readers.

For example, you can ask people to film themselves or where they are at and how they relate to your website and life.

Somehow you can edit this all together to some cool sounding music and voila! another assignment done.

ok that's it...

commentson 7 November 2004 : 09:54, kim sez:

That's a neat idea. A far-less-likely-to-occur idea, but a cool one, would be if you could get others to do the same with their friends/family, and so on, and so on, and then were able to string together "loops" of N-degrees of separation between people. Not unlike James Burke's 'Connections' series on BBS, but about relationships rather than science.

This concludes today's random thought :-)

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