January 13, 1996

last night we tried to go see 12 monkeys
still too popular a film here to be seen at the last minute
it was all sold out.

I was invited back to an electric bong and a big TV
the friends were dear, shutting our brains down together would be a bit tragic
so I opted to split.

earlier Paul Godwin recommended
the club weird at 9th and howard
he'd be there later with Timothy Childs and mark pesce

the club is Wyrd, DJ Jeremy Bonham
downstairs, ceiling supported by columns
festooned with photographs -

naked hunks with big dicks in bondage
the bar makes a big deal of charging for water,
what shit.

trolling the guardian for fun, I find
tonight the Sol Y Luna club is

Cuban Big Band Ritmo v Armonia
financial district, the buildings have bulbs and neon brand names
the patrons are well dressed; young urban professionals
I am the youngest by a few years, the only one dressed for a rave, or wearing a tool belt
I snuck in without paying cover, quickly found a corner to stand and write:

Sol Y Luna club bad
ass band and swangan' - solo and lovin' it
freeloading and lovin' it - double timing
and weak in the knees - sweats face and
suckin' on a lime - what more? the
lesbians make me
feel welcome - their vests and gym
shoes mod shoes shakin' a wicked shimmy
someone spilled beer on my clothes - after
dancing I think he caught my heavy vibe
and apologized I made him shake my
hand (gently). Music started sounding slow,
but given faith rose to an irreconsilable
groove. Latino hip swaglin' feet slimmyin'
arms up good time. Don't know that I could
have done better - jammin' swingin' changin'
uh - what a good time! POW ! and those 5
spanish dudes
hangin' on the metel trestle wrailing next to
me dancing asile fingers up and wrigglin'
havin' a laugh at my expense pointin' and
guffawin' - I paid 'em no mind. They tried to say
somethin' to me but no hablo espanol. When
pair of women rejoined me from the second set
quelled their fun making a bit - she stuck her
nose to mine and laughed at my spirit - joy
dancing near me in faith. Then, further a
beautiful lesbian spirited dancer joined me
congratulatory celebration between us shimmy
shake and feet fancy. She was a good partner
in a green top with a permagrin to match my
own, I could make her laugh
with a satchmo smile throw up and hands
wringing plotted sincerity, or even more when I
felt the spanish in my soul and raised my spirit
up with the horns. Song, set over, we paid our
respects and I tippt my grass to the fellows, who
wished me hola.