tonight I work; invaders: a lesson plan).

i just realized completely I admitted to myself that when josh harris offered me a dollar to go up to the front of the bus to find out what the danes were talking about, he wanted me to go away so he could sleep. I went happily, and i had a good conversation with my hosts. I think he wanted me to leave because i was too excited, and I think he used an indirect manipulation, because he did the same thing by earlier asking jonathan to hold some trash for him and then never taking it back, much to the amusement of us onlookers. i can only imagine that they were all gonna laugh at me, they were all gonna laugh at me, they're all gonna laugh at me, they're all gonna laugh at me

my love affair with mp3s develops a new nuance: i have imported my favourite songs from my home collection on the road with me, without lugging CDs. music the way allah intended it!

i am coming to love the band the breeders more and more deeply. thank you amy.

long 29 april posted - reboot day

justin live gyrating oh boy i've been told i will be webcast soon . and there's conference coverage of my speech here, if you read danish. maybe my best line from my life explanation/speech: "tv shows may come and go, but mature content is forever."

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