new linx:
i have painted a palmpilot and i want to paint more

14 may

amy's graduation:
nonstop entertainment and cacaphony
    of hour houseguests and
    five other attendant visitors
every excursion is an entourage
    though eating is made easy by Aunt Sue's
    Lousiana-Imported meat pies

... According to a [fall '97] Gallup poll, more than 57 percent of American teens between the ages of 13 and 19 have dated someone from another ethnic group, up from 17 percent in 1980.

there are four partnered thai women here
each with a white guy
where are thai men?
    ask amy's mom
  "we like tender white meat"

we travel together to restaurants and muir woods
it doesn't really matter what we do
it is rite of passage for her
one i recently remember
also a chance to visit with far flung folks
the families behind the freaks
everyone is entertaining

divorce is tough
two have wraught this child
and they come together to see their tuition dollars result
but you can't quite entirely mingle the families
now remarried, step-parents and bloodparents
mingle with old memories and strange fights
i wish all the funny people could share together
but there's too much to remember

after I attended web '98 in boston
I sent them a few suggestions
on the design of their online lounge
they hire me to implement these ideas
so this week i am excited to see
a few artists donating pieces
    If you have an empty space
    artistic tempered persons
    are delightfully often willing to fill it.

Amy is often far more relaxed after
I fuck her
we have sex, she has climaxed

my hands have come to hurt again
travelling, overworking, playing
on the computer
generational illness
so i take time to work around the house

amy and i live in oakland
in our house the bedroom
is the highest point, hottest
so we have turned the garage
into an art supply repository
and summer bedroom
it is low uninsulated, fairly well ventilated
we have painted the concrete floor green
now i labour to install shelves
to expand the storage opportunities throughout

I am reminded as i craft
it is possible to buy the prefab kit
for shelves, for example
it is fast and hideously ugly
naked function - metal and plastic
i like wood but i don't have a saw (dp)

it's kinda like freeways i realized
it is faster to take them
but overland you risk enjoying collision
with neighbors and seeing specific
parts of california that otherwise strive for private obscurity
do i dare to linger over local roads?
   = less time online

naked - shower i do know i like to work naked
at least shirtless -
in the privacy of my own home
I feel my sweat against myself and the sensuous skin on skin -
i think i naturally hold better posture without fabric to lean in.

the space invaders gave me
    opiate: "objects for an ideal home"
- sweet electronica from denmark
a nice album
i hope if you can you attend spacecamp
this is nice music

live streaming more!
realvideo from reboot '99

my speech: (modem) OR (ISDN or better)

my recap of other speeches:
(i start talking about 14:35 minutes through)
(with a minute break at 21 and then recontinue) (modem) OR (ISDN or better)

amy: "you sound like an infomercial"

yesterday - road interactive hypertext.