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Saturday February 28, 1998. 1 - 3.00pm
matt schwartz, ashwin rao, sandip, horatiu plays music from his pc laptop, david nguyen
janice gallagher learns web to help someone else
ariel behr comes after exercising for some work online
ian huntington drops by to do the wsrn blues page
josh lifton comes in and soon leaves
sysadmin chip comes to hand out accounts, and later dylan

Saturday January 31, 1998. 1 - 3.00pm
aaron, mounting sccs volumes over macintosh file sharing
geoff remarks on the chill, low stress web page making environment here
rosie come to learn about viewing attachments with unix mail reading. turns out she's never seen the web. i like that. something fresh and exciting about that - i mean, i don't run into those folks all the time. so, i show her yahoo, cnn, switchboard - she wants to look for a high school teachers
franklin rubenstein, class of '97, shows up with with two guests from seattle.
elaine, arrives in case of any new accounts. she mentions her personals secion recieving some business.

Saturday November 22, 1997. 1 - 3.30pm
vi and aaron are waiting with justin to arrive from his first swil saturday brunch. aaron makes quite possibly the first real audio sample distributed from the sccs server. vi is working to learn html for herself, adrian made her a page.
martin arrives in a bolo tie. is it just his voice, or does he seem like evan dorn's doppleganger/replacement? he's trying to telnet to his PC in hallowell. he has me put the pc support group on the sccs/org page; he wants me to call it "madduck's pc support group" i didn't.
ian, freshman blues director at wsrn. he gets an account (his second?), works on a page for his show, and a page for his department.
denise in a blue suit, she works on establishing subdirectories.
emily salzfass from off campus learns tables and image shrinking in graphic converter. teaches the latter to vi.
wil nessly shows up with an 82.3 megabyte file he wants to put online. too high a resolution, maybe 1300% scanned. hmmmm.
ned small shows up at three.
we take a group photo, and continue working past the appointed hours.

Sunday September 27, 1997. 1 - 3pm
wil nessly comes with me from sharples, hangs out til three
andrew bryce is excited by the web page prospect
yasemin sirali wants to make a page to show her family in turkey
eric von wettburg shows up late, working on the bio stuff; i show him server side includes, he's impressed.
i planned this seminar yesterday, thanks to mary hasbrouck. i sent out mail to the sccs staffers yesterday, asking for someone to be on hand to hand out accounts, but i think they're pretty busy, especially weekends (amazing how many sysadmins play sports or work at the radio station or dance). elaine and aaron were the only people i could find at the last minute in sharples, they said they might drop by, but the two people that needed it, yasmine and andrew, they had to split. so maybe next time. more advertising will do i!
first exposure to charles mingus, then andean folk music

Sunday September 14, 1997. 1.30-3.30pm
duke ellington is selected from amongst left coast chronicles (jungle), and mongo santa maria
samantha for knit-wits
allison marsh is system administrating, thanks!
eric von wettburg is in working on a page for the lang visiting professor of biology, peter taylor. he's here because these are the nicest computers for him to work on. he's right - these are nice. upgraded over the summer it seems too; power mac 7200/90s with 17" monitors. here in dupont 138, out of reach of most student grubby hands.
reena deshi, south asian organization.
tim came for chess club, but allison said the sccs sez that people have to start organizational pages in their home directories, and then once they prove they have serious intentions, /org space will be provided to them. i have a different opinion, to be taken up later, elsewhere.

Saturday April 26, 1997. 1-3pm.

the alarm went off when justin opened the door. his shirt and hat kinda covered the piercing wail. he's sick and slow. lots of people showed up. it's a nice day. we're listening to funki porcini's album "love pussycats and carwrecks," but miho can't hear it, so she puts on pizzicato 5.
evan is teaching larry miller to sysadmin. alison shows up. ross is here.
kenny loves this stuff. i show him how to link his email, he smiles cheers and pets the computer appreciatively. miho and rafael are laughing together.
chris is helping scott, giridhar. richard shows.
chris dileo helping heather
aaron helping
cathy who's a cs sysadmin and embarrassed that she don't have a web page yet.

Saturday April 5, 1997. 1-3pm.

first of the semester. justin hosts with music by mongo santa maria, everest, early american religious music and song. aaron shows up beyond the call of sysadmin duty.
wilson and visiting swattie duncan came. wil shared his method for excluding his roommate freshman year. they left early.
carew worked on her hopscotch flyer page, ethan worked on his e-nuggettes.
dkraut1 and rhinojo
dang, johnfk and mack
colin helped amanda and jon
nazima wanted a lesson in internet structure and fundamentals. so what is netscape then? how are we on the network? are there wires involved?
aaron marsh's tenure: september 1996 - december 1996
justin hall's tenure: february 1995 - may 1996