Why HotWired?

Because while Big Media and the telecom behemoths have been busy forming "strategic alliances" to build the "information superhighway" and sending out press releases about the tests they're launching any day now, thousands of companies and millions of people have quietly erected a new interactive medium called the Internet.

This medium is not magazines with buttons, any more than television was radio with pictures. It's a new medium, with a new aesthetic, a new commercial dynamic.

There are a lot of media companies shoveling their leftovers into the online world and calling them content. HotWired is not one of them.

HotWired is new thinking for a new medium - context about the Digital Revolution and new art forms from the Second Renaissance, both tightly connected with an easy-to-use conferencing system that explores the concerns and controversies of the Digital Community.

Where Wired is a clear signpost to the next level, HotWired is operating from that next level. HotWired is a constantly evolving experiment in virtual community. It's Way New Journalism. It's Rational Geographic - live, twitching, the real-time nervous system of the planet.

Today is like 1948, and a new medium has reached critical mass. We're trying to help define the future of that medium before it ends up like television.

So if you're looking for the soul of our new medium in wild metamorphosis, our advice is simple. Get HotWired.

Louis Rossetto