Hi I'm Drew, ask me to bitch and I'll bitch... This place gave me so much sexual tension my libido snapped. So neurotic I have decided to engage myself in a training regimen of punishment and reward. If I finish three problems in my Engin problem set I get to go to the bathroom. If I finish everything before ten on thursday night, I get to drink good beer at pub night. Before Friday I have fifty more assumptions to sack and destroy, and fifty more to assume. I had to e-mail my French teacher to tell her I was dropping because she made me feel so guilty. It's the time of the season for making plans for next year's living arrangements so everyone is sneaking around with ulterior motives, reluctant to confront, suddenly spending lots of time with you. I'm in pretty tight with my roommate so I have the luxury of cynicism. Perspective is key to happiness here, or maybe Buddhism, castration...frontal lobotomy. Negativism is my most abused drug. It takes more and more every time to get me to the same place...Just waiting for the click. Ahhhhh. Moving on, I've not had the time to plan my spring break very well. I'm supposed to be goin home for several days and then road tripping to Cape Cod with some hallmates to look for summer jobs. It's all loose as hell, but perhaps that adds to the excitement. I think I'd like to do carpentry for a month this summer. A chance to build something for a change (rather than deconstruct.)

Web class is a good thing, or can be. I haven't given enough to it I suppose, but then what makes it nice is it escapes the recursive guilt loop. Either I go or not, whatever. No credit is fine by me, just give me good discussion and a big glowing monitor. I was thinking how we're like Justin's fan club in a way. We're regulars at the 8:30 show. Or maybe he's our web therapist. Twice a week we all get together with our computers and talk about our relationships. I think most of us are still getting comfortable with talking freely in front of our computer.