snoodler! Ok, look. I'm a junior, and I'm an engineering major. That's all that needs to be said. I got the full house of misery poker right here. You see, nobody on this campus, nobody, does more work than an engineer. No matter how many classes you have in DuPont (ahem Joan). Until you have felt the pain of three 3-hour problem sets plus a full lab report plus reading due for a grade every week, all for one class, you really don't know what pain is. This semester, I'm taking 2 engins that both have labs and problem sets due every week, plus a music course where I'm one of two non-music majors, and astronomy, which also has a problem set every week. How many of the people out there get up every Saturday and Sunday morning to do work? I do. Every damn week. Now I'm not bitter, or anything- I chose my major and knew what I was getting into. But I do know that no math, physics, CS, and certainly no humanities major has more consistent work than me.

You see, the wacky thing about the engin department is that work is actually due at a specific time. Ususally if it's late, you don't get credit. This is not some poly sci paper or CS project that can be turned in 2 weeks after the date on the syllabus. Stuff has a due date and we stick by it. The majority of humanities and social science majors on this campus have no concept of that. Sure, writing a paper is tough. But you can basically say anything you want. On a problem set, there is one answer, and one answer only. No creative interpretation here. See what I'm getting at?

So I call. Let's see those hands. Ahh...exactly as I thought. You were all bluffing. Unfortunately, this round, the chips come to me