Ten Year Old Dream House

House of Jesse

Me, Me, and Nothin' But Me

Me; Jesse Kimmel; funny and weird. I'm the only boy in the 4th grade who has shoulder - length hair. I play the piano, and I think i'm an okay singer. My favorite band is The Beatles. I also like a 90's band called Phish. I have a dog named Mike. He's a shelty. 'Nuff 'bout me, here's Seth.


Seth is my best friend as of age 2. He is sorta' peace like... no disargreeing, which ironically makes him argumentive. He has... had two gerbils. Now there are seven. He has a little sister named Jesse, so all of my stuff that has my name on it, (that i've outgrown), goes to her. He has 2 dogs, one boux, one pete. One of his other friends, Ricky is sorta' out of it all.


Ricky's personality is one that's hard to describe. He loves Greenday, and is 50% sexist. That's why we hate each other. Yet in some weird way, he's cool. He has "Wonder Wall" by Oasis stuck his head. He always sings it in science class.

Lindsay E... Ya' Gotta' Love 'Er

Lindsay is pretty cool, I think. I like her; a lot. But she doesn't like me; at all. I don't know, I think she might like me later. One of her best friends is Katie W.

Katie the Hilarious

Katie is a funny, weird, intelligent person. Perfect for a girlfriend. But she's one of those people that maybe right for some people, but just friends for you. Anyway, she's one of my best friends. Other people consider her weird, but in the words of one of my best sitters, weird is unique.

Gordon, I Thank You!

Gordon... let's see, I wouldn't be hated by 75% of the 4th grade if it wasn't for Gordon. He hates me but I don't hate him. Isn't it ironic? If it wasn't for him, my hair wouldn't be long. The more I get made fun of, the more different I become. You say everybody's different. Well if your different is a smoke bomb, my different is TNT! Gordon made a large impact on my life, and even though I owe him my terrible reputation for having friends, I thank him. Gordon, if you ever read this page, "Thanks". Once Upon a Time, There was a totally insane person, and his name was Tom! Tom The Technical wonder craze, to conquer the evil Greg "Mr." Wike! He's pretty cool. He finds such subtle ways to put Wike down, the feind doesn't even know it! In spanish, we were learning hair colors, and she said gris [greece] was the color grey. Then Tom said, "Mr. Wike seems to have some gris there!"

Wilson and Justin

Wilson, my brother, rules. He used to have an afro, then shaved his head, and now he's growing another afro. He's pretty cool. He has this awesome friend named Justin, he has 5 vertical dredlocks on the top of his head. Justin helped me get this page.