8/9/10 year old images
the early defining visuals of Links.net:

a sketch resembling Hunter Thompson, inspired by a Chicago artist Ben Gordon, I used this as my web site mascot for the first two years, or so:

different drawing for self:

Then in 1996, I redrew a kinder, gentler Justin (shaven partially bald, with a combover:

early, scary shaved head picture:

fooling around with Illustrator, making a "hairy" character, and then placing him in various situations:

with Al Bloom - drinking a beer. At 19! What a scandal.

a picture of me in garters, probably the first picture of myself I used widely on my site in 1994 (that's Chandra in the background, on Parrish lawn):

visiting jail in chicago, they misspelled my name "justine"

promoting web publishing:

cary grant taking acid - one of the first pictures on my site:

"hot" - an Adobe illustrator icon for my site, circa 1994:

my astrological chart. most astrologers who meet me say "your mission in life is to publicly share your philosophy." or at least publicly develop it, because I'm not sure I have one exactly.

marijuana periphernalia, signed by Ollie North - one of my early popular pages:

links.net has always been characterized by creative spelling: