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Monday, 13 September - link

House Video

Jerome and I have been talking about films and personal media for over a year now; he prompted me to take a video camera to Japan last year with Jane. I still haven't dug through all that footage, but I have started using this little handcam for personal journalism, for storytelling, for something verging on VideoBlogging. Witness: Howard and Cody

Jerome wants to work on an ongoing video project, a sort of segmented documentary, perhaps? He asked me to make a sort of a pilot for his pitch to Arte in France. I grabbed my video camera these last few weeks while my house was under construction and I've made this self-contained personal narrative out of my moving experience:

Casita - 41 Megabytes Quicktime, Seven Minutes, Twenty Seconds.

Each video I make I'm working to improve my skills. I dwell in the program, I browse the manuals and helpfiles, I talk to Ryan. Ryan recommended the forums on 2-Pop as a good learning resource. The first film I made was in iMovie, now I've moved on to Final Cut Pro. I enjoy this work! Fortunately, I have friends around to keep me from including multiple picture-in-picture and layers of text scrolling over the images.

[In August, I used 52 gig a month for web traffic!]

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