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11 april, 1996
poem today for mom,
so colin could fed ex it to her in italy for her birthday saturday

today he liked my voice mail greeting
pumped with over the top enthusiasm

lifted his spirits
so my mailbox has been fulled twice over
morgan stanley calling, great message.

party tonight
up to one a week
gotta saturate the flow
before we're all go
summertime loomin'

mostly non alcoholic
folks smoked their own pot
three acid drenched giggling sexualistes showed up

left and returned

it was that kind of night

typical wilson,
dropped in restless
partook of refreshments
left immediately after
promising to return.

this is what it must be like to date him.

by and large mellow cool
I dropped a dime for some hummous and weird fruit
bright orange new zealand horned melon

taste like pommegrass inside
some coconut
an immense baked mushroom with garlic

and choline cocktail
still awake therefrom.

balky watched the three dripping tripping from afar

snarfing mad hummous
"dude, can you give me some? to go

dom complemented at times with his guitar,
julia from nebraska unsheathed al bloom from cabaret
elizabeth has a near swil roommate
mary, rob the coconut handler, ann the helpful, jesse the giddy, nate the unsure,
sasha who unswervingly characterized herself as resembling a purple mound of easter sugar a peep

ebb and flow
carew recessitation with mexican techno
yoni unable to leave
dan brought the peeps to begin with

drunk ian brought by a tape

18 year old bob marley singing "Teenager in Love"

four hours,
wakeup for the next round in the cda case
visiting court in Philly,
I'll let you know.

sometimes I get letters say,

somethin', I like this page, that page yadda, but really your use of the word bleh means I won't be including your site in the next issue of good times magazine which goes out to 27 million adolescent net surfers. Great site, sorry it has to be this way.

so because I use the word Kick Ass, some teacher won't send my astrology pages around to middle schoolers?

when she buys coca-cola, does she support everything that company does?

somehow I imagine easier acceptance of corporate commodity whole -
Shell has the cheapest gasoline, or Mitsubishi makes the best remote control
I don't know, won't bother to find out, wouldn't really stop to think about it if they do some bad shit.

but wait, that HTML tutorial that might be good for someone else like it was for me, sorry, no, because it's got a swear word in it?

Sprint suppressed a Hispanic Women's Labour Union in California.
Eddie Bauer stripped a black guy of his shirt cuz they thought he'd stolen it.
I say a link "kicks ass"

and I'm a poor role model?

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