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10 april, 1996
arguing conclusion with an old flame
someone I slept with
we talked too

objects to objectification

being made a web page
(I ran it by her first)
it is rather explicit)
even accused me of orientalism
(she's in shamanism).

can't understand why people let me put them up here

there's nothing of her in those pages
she doesn't think there's really any of me in here either
so what's the point?

sort of like shamanism, utterly objectionable,
making yourself a screen

but we do it anyways
it seems we have to

she did with me,

using our new class lingo,
she put me up on a pedestal
now fortunately she can't remember why she was ever attracted to me
so she doesn't know why she's getting back into this

why is it weird?
why did I make her feel insecure?
you really do seem to think you're on a mission justin.

maybe I shouldn't sleep with people anymore.
that was the lesson I was drew with aylapage
too wretchingly wraught
a string of stereotypes, she said.

back to the drawing board.

maybe if I'm otherwise happy, I should be celibate

she advises
tonight peter brooks told me my lakota name
"Peta Wahinkpe Wan" or "Fire on the Arrow"
means that I "bring excitement to the people"

he addressed me a brother,

that made me happy.

Dom's got some post college career crisis
offered the cush compucareer
versus freelancing instability
I posited star wars guidance, his New Mythology
it's probably not as clear as the empire and the rebel alliance
but it could be
we cast the I Ching
somehow it always seems appropriate.

maybe I should try it with Ayla.

further assimilation
changed most bottom page links
to "justin's links"
from the underground abridged.

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