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18 april, 1996
pointless stories
not only lacking linearity, but poignancy
"do you care to cater to your listener at all?
not trying to change your style
but your take it or leave it delivery
I'm inclined to leave.

helped m-rya cast the i ching
meant to do it myself to resolve my end of our tension
no such time

rather dance performance,
swatties on stage

I love being in school here
though there were overwraught numbers
ballet and modern rehash
nothing wrong with flashlight experimentation

what'll they say when the revolution comes?

but then I talk to each and every swattie today

(wilson's lookin' for a job
most everyone else is doing community service.
no shit, this place is riddled with grant bearing enthuzeds home or city bound
idealistic goal oriented sincere sharers.
teaching kids that. clear air this, energy efficient that. serving homeless
doing a little societal payback for this motherload education
top props to that.

chatted long with cooper
relativism - the end has been neigh since the romans
but our bombs are bigger
ozone - the sky is really falling

bottom line
internet potential synapses of the human brain
whether you believe we're headed for death or glory
we're moving the collective faster than ever.

for over half an hour we spoke
he held the door open the entire time
many thanks

further shop hunting
blind willie mctell and pocket sized i ching
the translation mediocre
the "definitive collection" overpriced and underfed
I buy some other stuff
gospel, two $5 world music samplers, Blind Boy Fuller
(what's up with the blind blues seers?)

contemplate making my own i ching
I don't speak chinese but I could comesh

state of the art supermarket
broad well lit
they have everything
nobody knows where
asking the natives
"humiss" ? what is that, like cheese or somethin'?

all day lonely
night air thick with flowering trees
my nose in a beautiful woman's armpit

all day been feeling spring restless like moving in on somethin'
someone I barley never even say hi to returned today my greeting,

she asked me how I was
"hungry for woman"
said I

she looked inconvenienced
left quickly without remark.

ironing out my travel plans
family reunion in south texas, late june
san fran for howard's 49th, july 7th
numerical potentcy

he recommends, for my road writings,

read geertz - thick description

I brought home some glassworks
ben is titillated
ned recommends koyaanisqatsi

high friends drop by
"justin's crazy fat wonderland"
chubby hubby, hummous

invigorated consumption
half knawed packages strewn about

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