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17 april, 1996
task for activists
- add boycotts and anti-corporate listings to yahoo

zelig, amazing,
hanging around carew
uppitized corporate political awareness.

somewhere deep in these bowels,
a collection of quotes,
purveyance of /pith

on the left of what you see above most all my pages,

done been randomly seelektd from that place.

like this:

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today I added these,
based, or mostly encouragin' my own better behaviour.

carry a handkerchief
alternative to paper, napkins kleenex
good for bundling, headcover, string in a pinch.

whose trash is it?

I sleeps ten hours last night
and three more during today

sleep food folks drugs
damn if everythin' ain't addictive!

and damn if good things don't take work
another attempt to learn loved listenin'

it ain't easy to play guitar
like papa mctell

stupa most times I buy stuff by shoppin' incident
today I decided I wanted a pocket sized i ching

didn't get that, got the Tao Teh Ching instead,
flipped open at random
portentious number ten:

in loving your people and governing your state,

are you able to dispense of cleverness?

(translation matters - on the net,

can you, without being known?)

joey smiles wilson focuses

many lessons within
many ego deterrance advisals

I guess the witful are fitful.

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