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21 april, 1996
early call from seth
eager to wire up homeless teens this summer

early on, he notes

you don't talk like you write
not so many big words.

stupa computers, sure

and webbing, yeah,
we soon move to spirit
he recommends
"dream yoga and the practice of natural light"
by namkai norbu rimboche
also the author of a good lucid dreaming book
after you learn the basics, enter other people's dreams.

you're going to take a high trip justin

something monastic, retreatative

Tibetan Flag for now, projects this summer, peace jam, tibet work

tengo nube en mi cabeza
thick sick
downing ginger garlic lemon honey sinus slammers

lunch and dinner of raw garlic

palatized and stomach sensitized,
julia recommends garlique on bread with yogurt
risin' computing in public again
rya sightd
a spiritual warrior finds strength in retreat
she tells me
but I'm laptop in the lounge
yeah, I've noticed you computing outside more than ever - you're lonely
she sez
yeah, I'm lonely.
want some snot?
she laughs
I've got my own.
some time I'm going to take out my dick and start masturbating when you're speaking enlightenment
sexuality plays a big part in your life
but you've heard that before

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