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22 april, 1996
analyzed national geographic
did you know that 33% of the people in the magazine have to be smiling?
did you know that sometimes they artificially darken people?
I remember basements of national geographic african porn,
no white bared breasts have ever appeared therein.

anything above criticism deserves it.

espeja becky in a mid-thigh green skirt

sleeveless sweater top
joe eighties hair
had a hard time keeping his sunken eyes from her crotch
I mean glued, largely
and when she moved, raised her hand, shifted herself
his eyes were instantly upon her
face, chest, thigh crack opening where the skirt didn't reach
she would notice, put down her hand.

being next to her, five degrees from his line of sight

I felt invaded as well
almost a hey buddy, you got a problem instinct
problematic in class
I made eye contact and we raised eyebrows at each other
in a friendly crazy way
he's just a little nuts
very horny
boy needs some eye manners.

package from home,
mom forwarded mail

digital boy issue four
interview with

"Justin Hall
A Peace Fighter
from Underground,
He uses Internet!"

talk about appropriation
smiling pictures of me at cyborganic
my image in a japanese magazine
wearing a t-shirt with a kanji-esque tao inspired character on it.

one shot blown up and contrasted so I look like a pimply teenager

but they got my URL right,
iGUIDE not like web review printed my i guide review and linked to www.links.com from the top.

I wrote that piece for free for them,

then I saw within ads for net radio.

I sent them this letter,

was this obnoxious?
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 11:29:05
To: dave@songline.com
From: justin@cyborgasmic.com (justin)
Subject: Thanks, and correction

Dave -

I don't know that you're the one to contact; I was speaking before with Thomas Cavers asked me to submit something.

Thanks for printing my iGuide review. I would have appreciated a notice thereof.

Thanks for the bio, the two links to my web page are off -

justin's links is at

and justin's home page, thank you for listing it, is at


When Thomas Cavers contacted me to write the piece originally, he told me I wouldn't be paid. That was fine for me, I understood Web Review to be providing a free service for the web community.

I did not know that my piece would be advertising anything.

I donated my time to write, and you sold some advertising. If net.radio paid you to advertise on web review, I expect a cut of the advertising dollars.

Perhaps I should have better educated myself before I got in this deal. It just seems dishonest to me that my work was used to generate revenue when I donated my time.


today I recieved letters from my new york constituents of friday
marisa didn't want to come across as cruel,
and really she's not
stefanie said I misspelled her name
aside from that, she found the experience of being herein written
suprisingly merciful.

get to know me better.

wit aside,
I could have said that she

a lot of things
but what's productive?
(I left out too JC kissing me when I said funny things)

today, a first
jude asked to apprentice me.

he billed it as a big big favour
I agreed without pause
two and a half hours on his nigeria pages

torn, as a teacher,

to sit back and suggest as he goes,
to direct his craft
or to move swiftly and have him watch and copy

that's what howard seemed to like

the master at work
then he'd use the resulting pages as templates.

different strokes for different students

so much more to do.

boycott shell oil! fortunately, shell allowed us into their image directory

good materials for the boycott page

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