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28 april, 1996
more fat consumed brunch
with gryphon software run-into
colin can talk merchant banking with sean
I talk bard's tale with steve
barbara doesn't speak computer money
she wants to be a human rights lawyer.

a new york hurrah
washington square sunday
comedy centre - drunk vietnamese board breaker
hot dog stand dating game with over produced

we watch the dogs run
still working on that dog fear

scrabble players in the park
nice some day to linger

but I not,
head for ndn at the waldorf
wander palatial hotel searching for rehersal room
interviewed as the youngest participant in the newspaper association of america meeting
what's my marital status?

italian dinner
25 dollar entrees
the pope ate this food when he was last here


jean, pisces holds forth
we debate integrating the voiceless virtues
vivian, ev, ?? thought it was class, not gender,
publishing, computers ain't male thangs
bottom line some folks ain't goin' fit

snake eye jean asks how many of us think clinton will be

she was right about election, mark these words
I did jean.

seth takes a cellphone call, splits

marketing man
direct me and him on the same panel
I know there's some service to his work

stef wants to visit, wants me to visit

rehearsing my speech
I resort to hotel stationary - screw this laptop stuff

feeling hungry like a rock star
I mean I've got this hotel room, doesn't a warm body come with it?

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