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sept 7

indoor plumbing

I started to think about indoor plumbing
driving to eat alone at a great cheap pasta place here in the city

we don't live near the source, the river

and all that implies
we bring it to us, as much as we need

less picaresque, but equally delivered,
one can be supplied with the fruits and meats of the earth

all this expended to minimize effort

indeed, as howard put it
video on demand is about not having to walk a block and a half to the video store

for what?
supplied with our needs,
we live longer
and efficienty produce and consume at historically heightened rates

to what end?

in different words,
if we daily prefer living with the convenience of a shower,
as opposed to the ebb and flow of a river
then we will pave the planet,
protect pockets

by and large,
there will be so many pipes.

and we will live in increasing smaller domiciles
increasingly interconnected

like bees in a hive

making what?

more bees.


this deserves science fiction
or alcohol sponsorship

mebbe it's this tape I bought.

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