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howard sez I'm a communications junkie
maybe I am
well so is seth,
he sends some weird weird url.

sept 8

well it looks like things are rolling along between gk and I
I can't say any more than that

howard also thinks I'm not mindful
I'm 21 for chrissake!
I'm workin' on it.

and I only subscribe to one print magazine -
might, because sonic told me to,
proper combo of irreverant and irrelevant, humour.
it's funny, and she's right!

you know who else is right, is caleb.
he's a very witty, intruitive, insightful guy.
send him some e-mail,
if he has time, he might write you back.

I, on the other hand,
am mired in my mindfulness quest
trying to understand how to deal with folks who don't vocalize their needs
and learning to bring my practical presence up to snuff with my intellectual injections


meanwhile, why don't you

look over indoor plumbing.

thanks for your bandwidth.

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