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friday, sept 13

should remember I that having told but unseen pages to rework and present; repurpose

can sometimes allay the disease of a late daze posting.

critiques I hear
about this reprise enter
electric minds,
the site of the year
social computing
the social web

community is caring
it's homebuilding
it's provision, it's participation
it's responsibility

so the only danger perhaps I hear from my friends
is that the logo is too corporate,
safe, and similar

electric minds logo

the arms hugging the new members of the group
don't have enough coloured flesh on them.

and so I think that if this is the worst betrayal
of the spirit within
the look of the thing
there are so many pieces that can burst from behind a look
even subtely
is zen simple corporate?

my advice:
hand draw all illustrations or logos
they're great design, just bend the lines some
and/or, offer more human faces and characters within page

meanwhile, always notice how things segment so neatly, so often
women at one end, one side of the table, room
men at the other
men having their type and subject conversation
women theirs.
occasional bridges
one compelling member of either

at one point I found my self holding forth on breaking bandwidth to squishy, caleb, giamma, and panic
while sonic and trisha seemed to be discussing shoes.

with reverence, it's reported

squishy can break anything
any web site
the value of destruction

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