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14 sept

evening at jessica

jory fixes cars
and on the other side of me,
marisa is dressed well, so sez some bluntly flauntirtious lad
anyways, there's desire and stimulation balanced
I so often end up at party's next to an attractive woman being attended to by a number of lads, and lose my sense of placement there to debate or persuit of an issue with a more focused perhaps genuine individual

still I go hungry

in the midst of the party, I experience the urge to perform
to seize attention for my own, grab the group energy with song or outburst

I do look around and feel love, this is quite common
I love room fulls of people
I love small groups of people
I love one on one

but often I feel as though the existence around me
while joyous to behold
encourages some possession

enjoyed herself tonight with a more than ten minute conversation
not like most tnds, conversation appetizers, no dinner
she mentioned something, made me think

how to make introductions without names and jobs,
conversations without beginnings
we spoke of the running homer simpson recitation between some people
like talking without thinking, she said
maugham agrees.

look I know I'm going through some shit,
like I went home, and had this dream

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