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sept 26

added a few words to opus numer un
and went to the horseshoe,
lower haight, ground zero

carl finally struck up converse with the old man who always sits by the door
can't remember the intro subject,
maybe it was gezunteit, or maybe my commenting on the place's entertainment value
either way, we had an eye for women
his was historical;
there had been more people, particularly women there
a few years back
(everything seemed better then)
exotic dancers used to morning there

he began to establish himself geographically for me
a house here, a trip there
blah lah lah
and then some interesting tidbits

somehow discussing (again) the pending american apocalypse

he posed an interesting questions
along the lines of
what do we do when the power goes out?
what do we do if/when the food distribution system breaks down?
used to be you could walk out of town and kill a rabbit, now, no sir
mcdonald's is the daily cafeteria for millions, if their trucks didn't make it, there would be some serious suffering,
or not, people can survive for weeks without food,
like carl, he would survive in comfort, he's got three months worth of supplies (including 50 lbs charcoal) to keep him going through the next earthquake and result loss of power and freeway
what about the rest of us?
me, I'm coasting through so many things, being prepared for survival in the event of physical realm catastrope is not on my list
but he made me think seriously about survivalism
espescially if it's just as simple as buying a few extra canned goods and storing some extra water

a little paranoia can go a long way I guess

but me, I'm relying on larger things for now, no pantry for to provide.

the other thing he sorta schooled me,
as we moseyed to my profession,
how is kids schooled in the use of calculators
admittedly practical in today's world
how is they ever going to add numbers if the power goes out?
and I remember there was some joy implicit in mr. mccutcheon's class,
some joy implicit in the mental gymnastics of math,
lost in the face of absolute mechanisation

work and then gaze at the moon
off coloured and crisp, low in the sky
unbound by fog
no one else in the company cared much

and tnd.
le scoot, le mack wayne, with part of the newess age demographic
the median shifting down from a hot mills injection
ellen steuer brings on the all-girls schoolers
they're funky, you know, just young
I think the older women, some of them, raise their noses
and then

seth dom dom and seth serenade mason and I on the roof
dom with a witty steady strum
some rock and roll footwork
he may work for a large mass, but he's still tryin' to get down
seth is just weird
mason sez, he has "a power"
almost too intense for any one person to handle in conversation

mason I explain some rudimentary palmistry to mason,
mason explains medieval humours to me

liver, hot and dry, black bile
spleen, cold and dry, yellow bile
heart, hot and wet, blood
brain, cold and wet, phlegm

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