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sept 27

today sat next to an attractive blonde woman on the bus

she seemed rather silent
I thought, she ain't goin' talk to me.
so I leaned over and made a comment about rebecca -
"last night I talked to a woman who bleached her hair so bad she had to put mayonnaise in it"
and that was a great conversation starter
and I never found out her name
but perhaps one reason she was silent was that she wasn't from the country and perhaps wasn't too comfortable

I think there's something weird about this place I'm living
last two nights I had trying strange dreams

first night, in a hotel room in chezchoslovakia (never been there) with my grand parents at night
there is a bluish shadowy figure of a man threatening at the window with a rock to be thrown to break the barrier
I call the hotel security and they don't show
he stands there and I stand there fearful, with my mental evidence and physical evidencing of his presence the only thing that holds him back and eventually drives him away.

last night, some sort of training exercise for electric minds
we go to a theme park in louisiana, save a drowning person from a shark in closed pool with some sort of stilted house in it
I dive in, the wrong place to save them
joi ito jumps in and succeeds in pulling them out.

heard from a publishing friend today
sara sez most books are at least 80000 words
which means I'm 1/10 the way there
huh, what I'm writing just doesn't seem to have that much steam, or hot air, involved.
around 250 words a page, maybe I'll just write a real portable book.
or, she sez, pick a book you like, count the characters (including spaces) in a line, number of lines per page, multiply those, and then multiply times the number of pages, and then divide by 5 - average word length. then you'll have the word count for the book. cuz word count can depend on the way you lay it out.

friendship with howard is engagement in his spirit
now the final product of his garden
is the end of summer sukkot
the squash that fed us each sunday now are hanging from lashed together bamboo and cornstalks
makeshift structure, eat in the out of doors,
community building,
reminder that the structures we live in now are differently but also temporary

raise! the structure

reminded me much of thanksgiving -
harvest products,
warm kitchen filled with family cooking birds
ceremony of honour and thanks

and such dear family at hand
abbe drove jonathan and margie and I
to meet judy and mamie and geraldine

margie took more notes than I did, for some future writing on the subject

dinner was four water (two pisces, one cancer, one scorpio) three fire (all sagg) and one air (aquarius)

return from sukkot, and consider heading out for friday night, but I'm a bit worn, and prefer sleeping early to greet the day

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