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nov 25

morning with christiana talks about intimacy and physical
she agrees with amy that I likely have intimacy problem(s)

sex is so immediate
last night I held from cum
in part to avoid birth, in part to avoid post orgasmic feeling guilt and separation
I guess it's natural, I should get over it
ask for the space and understanding
so I don't feel obliged to insincere action

two slices pesto/gourmet pizza, I speed to work

at work, I work

I leave work in a timely manner
I stride ununsually swift
I board the bus
I read the tao

solo dinner at pasta pomodoro
I read the tao

home, tai chi, brief chat with amy
I assert my need for bed and sleep

anyone know of a better tao link?
I read and I think of interrelations,
that structured properly, the tao could suit hypertext learning well
if I had the time to synthesize a meta-translation (pardon my ignorance of old chinese)
and weave it online

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