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nov 24

last night we had family dinner


afterwards chris loaned us her car to return to mills in time for rachel's birthday
thanks chris
her friends, my friends, friends friends

we wake early to return it
the ride back I early speak of
a list of my mates
with whom I've had sex and their particular mental or physical particularity
very attractive to a potential partner I would think

from her long tales of tawdry
her relationships and their sex take place over more time
fewer partners (fewer time - I have 14 months on her)
more involvement and intensity - most of mine seem spurty by comparison

a old boyfriend did her tarot reading, evidences greed hunger lust
well isn't that special

eat in lower haight after car return
"all you knead"
last time I ate here with someone was wilson last summer
split some pancakes, many eggs, some benedict

wander over to my place
we get as nekkid as nekkid can be
I would really like to insert this woody guthrie narrative here,
somethin' 'bout wigglin' patches of hairs on a forest floor and the sweetest taste from between your thighs,
read with appropriate gusto on this CD, track 18, that's where I heard it,
but ain't no lyrics up on the net, and I ain't got it to transcribe.
sorry, I'll keep my eye peeled. you too.
genital contact is close.
close like tempting, close like almost. well, just close. close like the middle of the day too, with the afternoon and night ahead.

I estimate we kissed once every five minutes. she says once a minute. vjim sez that's not enough. I think we didn't kiss like that so much during dinner.

sleep, wake wander towards mills
we were going to try to buy film, power chord - tangible errands,

we shop for body shop mango body butter she's been asking for since I've known her
some organic body shop - mango body butter's first ingredient is vaseline.

buddha bar instead we wander china town get me chinese iron balls for health

pair of two inch metal balls to rotate in your palm - keep them from touching and it's a good stretch for weary wrists

we find the oldest shop in china town -

it sells paper and ink and brushes
she is giddy - fingering four foot painting implements

golden draggin' eat good but not subtle chinese food
we face each other across the table and smile and continue to amuse each other
though having spent a day together is not without wearing
she makes fun of my stooped straight posture
we take a picture with the maitre d and a waiter, not ours, he was cuter, but he left.

we return to mills for nother xfiles
this one far superior
intrigue, gore, suspense, to be continued
screaming women like a slumber party horror

I was casting her chart and left my computer near a wall, someone appears to have stepped on it and killed the screen. it looks like a big black bloch unreadable. she takes photos of it for her photo class final project of paused on-screen moments. I try to contain my disthusiasm in general
being with a beautiful woman and having my tool bent broken is sad sad

she wants me to fuck her
I'm sure of it
besides asking
lays there in a red thing
and a white thing
on red sheets
with a red light
half or more naked

we are soon as naked as we are before
the illusion or prior emphasis on restraint holds us to a continued process of plateaus gratingly accepted
even when my naked flesh meets hers in wet places
it doesn't stay - we can't accept
"that didn't count"

but once done
it was delicious, of course, what did you expect?
so we slipped it again

and when the buildup is so, there is no
shall we say "protection"

she is more subtle than I
just a minute, don't move, trying to be all sly and shit

me I'm just in and so I poke far hah
it's fun and more fun and pushing and going some
and then asking, does this count?

sassifyin' I try to giggle as often as irks her
she gets takin' it all so serious

my if her words and breathin' don't tickle me so
times I reach my mouth for her neckish and she shys away
like too much. man, too much. whew.
I like to drive her nuts
we are both drunk

we reach the point of dangerous climax
and I pull out

we reach the point of dangerous climax
and I pull out

we actually pause to throw the i ching
because it a full moon, and perhaps we should or could commit to this act

first one mentions going with nature
second one features flexibility and going with the flow

we return to the point of dangerous climax
and I pull out

we reach the point of dangerous climax
and I pull out

man she talks some mean wonderful stuff as we're rolling along
my continue to pull out and reentry frustrates her madness some

we sleep

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