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dec 8

our last chance to sleep late easily axed for food -
return to a college dining hall

food is so initially shitty - I mean vat cooked eggs

and then I think, wow, this is food,
and then I am happy to eat of it
just not the dried turkey sausage
amy likens it to a long-dead relative's certain appendage
that's a show stopper

land of the lotus

we return, so much to do this afternoon
let's have sex
her time of the month makes things so dramatic
we take pictures, as long as I promise not to put them up on the net

we travel to tea, in arwa's room
"arwa" means mythical mountain goat in arabic(?)
fitting - she's a capricorn
like chandra means crescent moon
her sign is cancer, ruled by the moon.

we sit in a small room and talk and type and read and drink tea
very genteel,
wonderful, except when one person smokes by the window, everyone smokes.
I hate the smell on my clothes, it clogs my respiratories, and prohibits clean, clear breathing.

baldie astro amy asks about her chart as we sit around a small room
wants me to tell her where the planets were at the time of her birth
so do four other people before too long
I'm not so intuitive, it doesn't flow for me like some others
I can't talk about this for more than five minutes without gettin' too restless
telling people "you are expansive in a maternal way in your professional relationships."

we depart early for set it off
seeing it at an old style (read: grand) theatre: grand lakes
I dig that old shit
the movie-box has egyptian motif horus

african american film in oakland viewed

far better than seeing "waiting to exhale" with the rheingolds in marin
that was an abject poorly articulated piece of filmwork.

this film was better anyways - more plot cohesion, better (logically) writing
believable characters in an inevitable but still compelling and ultimately satisfying plot-situation

I must say there was a moment when the coke and the popcorn and the suspension all collided and I felt really unpleasant
like the waiting for death or disturbance of hollywood
like this might be the last time I force myself to endure this roller-coaster

why bother?

interesting to watch this film

if african american,
a rare moment janitorial staff are living breathing emoting protagonists.
fiction made of the bottom of the captialist food chain.

return and shower
nice to be in water together
she tries my cold-water immersion following a hot water bath
I love that pore-closing shock and wake up

another x-files - the last before christmas break
nice routine to gather, same people, same characters

working late in the mills college computer lab

more places than not have harmful work environs
terrible chairs, out of reach keyboards on wrist-crimping formica tables
I'm sensitive -
keep at this stuff and you will be too.

do yourself, your employees, your students a favour:
equip a safe and body friendlier computer center.

a few pieces of foam barely cuts it.

amy, meanwhile, constantly makes little or big noises
talking to her e-mail, cooing over a friend

wow - she's weird. good thing I'm not dating her.

wait, shit,

allison leviton recognizes me from seventh grade era chicago
hasn't seen me since sage.

do I still look like that? sagely looks

I conference,
I work a lot on muzik, adding zappa, all-time favourites

amyfriend jane hasn't ever seen html rendered,
so she watches me make some web page,
I do some tutorial

I write on a blackboard -

learn how to make a webpage:
someone sees it, goes, "justin.org?"
amy sez, you don't know the half of it.
someone "don't even wanna know."

and I thot as I wrote it, maybe I do a disservice to have my name coupled with teaching so much
that someone would have to wade through (percieved(?)) meglomaniacal baggage to reach the overtly useful -
I guess that's like real life
and there is a reason, after all

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