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october 4

i return from evenings out with so much bouncing thru my head
nothing like contact with the species to stimulate thots

tonight, i met emily who asked if i knew amy
they went to boarding school together
amy was like a rock star
means confident? celebratory? stylized? celebrated?

she said something that might make it into the next mani^2,

(ie my thesis to graduate from here)
we've learned from such an early age to achieve or seek intimacy that learning to turn it down comes as counter intuitive.

ive noticed that recently i wanted to grab a ready breasted warm being so proximal to me after a single glass of wine i was close to ready to help her feel me just get near and start sparks
so i talked about amy and some of my frustrations, but my happiness that next week i will once again know mah honeh flesh

so tonight constructively danced swing
there was a live jazz band for the fall formal
well dressed students of all shapes and sizes twirling and yeah just swinging
there was little apathy in evidence
paula a crazy romainian inspired me to drag her out to fling her around the center of the large circle trying to remember the lindy
when not holding hands and leaning back and forth in together, and sweaty flinging
she would whirs about in her own wonderful indulgence
very much reminded me of what i loved to watch that chandra move
confidence and world creation and invitation and self-sufficiency
fun beauty

but i didn't sigh, i danced then mostly talked with aforementioned emily

and then i grabbed rose
such a character
tank top soaked with sweat from jungle music spun downstairs by martin
she and i whirled and laughed and spoke and stepped and hiphopped and always smung and spun
we made up our own twirls and connections and step-coordination. it was glorious and unloaed. just god durn fun. whoa ha.

those old dancin' types got it right - close in is so good for talking, and touching, and always holding hands
not like everyone is an island unless they're doin' the butt, aow
millions of people watching themselves strut on the floor
may have its symbolic and stylistic charm
but the swing is the thing
i'm gonna make my baby dance with me.

at one point, serious and skilled mike zadara borrowed my flangish rose;
i imagined myself dancing in my dad's body
what does an older larger, wry man move like?
and then i imagined dancing across from him.
i liked that; i liked to think he was a good dancer.

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