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october 28,

i like my life

just called colin for the latest wall street correction update
his office is running a pool - everyone's betting the market down,
just a question of how much.

two things on wall street he sez:

greed and fear.
so this is fear?
nope, greed. people are profit taking.

just visited amy, in oakland cal
she lights up my life, she got to meet my mom
first words out of her mouth, "wow, you're cool!"
with typical amy exhuberance and straightforwardness

we give each other media, love
she started calling me "the old routine"
i sing for her a little
sweep her up in my arms quite a bit
we chase each other around
still kissing mostly constantly
when she's not advising me on my impossible ideas
shucks or i hearing her.story

it's all about projects
and plans
we've already been married had kids
we're working on growing old
i'm making an effort now to remain more present
but someday we will have a house with a studio in it

freak. visited howard as well,
talking about a new project for him,
and i helped him get back online, doing his own media
coming soon: www.rheingold.com

he advised me on academic focus;
we talked about generational progression and dance:

swing, you dance with partners
dead, you dance with the universe,
lead by performers
rave you dance on your own, no star

i've got all approval through, now i'm an official
meaning context and media special major
here at swarthmore college

so now i have to figure out a thesis to write

something about this world today as i see it
and then whether that's any different in which ways from what has come before
something about me
my generation?
narrow to have direction maybe but still broad enough to encompass my wide range of studies
can't talk about it without it sounding like philosophy
i don't worry too much what it sounds like

the whole thing, or large chunks of it that are in writing
will appear here

i am starting to think seriously about interpretive dance as a way of expressing my feelings about technology.

wilson suggests that
i write a thesis on jesus and mimesis, in pieces,
and as it increases,
i cover it in feces!

every once in a while i get super restless because i'm not in the mix
a little stranded here in swarthmore, and i didn't exactly spend the summer shmoozing
i guess it's my professional/promotional sense instinct that i'm talking about
i thought about going to a conference only to hang out with the speakers i knew
and didn't
get back into things, find out what's going on
(i eventually decided it's probably not that different from anything anywhere anytime any other place)

one thing is i've just got to make some money:

this site is around 150 megabytes, on a good month it serves over 16 gigabytes.
gotta pay to host it.
(unless you got a better idea)

getting paid to write and being paid to speak is a good way to finance being a lifetime student
i'll let you know

anyways, i decide to chill out and do this college thing
because next year, pretty early, doug's film should be coming out
and that likely will be exposure enough.

san francisco consumes an inordinate proportion of the world's weed
many swattie friends have moved there recently

good, strange to see them there.

i have this enormous backend redesign and fixup of my website on my harddrive here
gotta finish it and upload it so that i can get back into this more daily writing and updating what exists online.


i did complete in short time another parody interface

perhaps a sign of intelligent life on the web

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