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june 25

ace - earnest

still reeling, but hey, how 'bout some sex?.

after some days of physical malignment born of gun-threats, impenetrability to hugging but deep longing for my girl times wandering alone in the city, we find ourselves at home alone together survived, with three hours before bayporter picks me up to san francisco and then nebraska.

i had prepared for this moment, by jerking it to some internet erotica. i didn't fulfill the act, but left myself aroused. amy's not used to it - she objected to my efforts at control - i wanted to wrap my lips around her neck and trace her latitudes with my tongue. she's quick to grasp my cock as well, but i persistently twisted out of her way. instead i suckled her and finger-combed her pubes, wrestled for her neck and tried not to tickle her.

after some time of foreplay more than what we're used to, she was so close to orgasm, i was able to bring her out without the usual RSI inducing measures. and then i leaped in with my enraged rod and pounded home, her legs against her stomach. and that was exciting, we loved the depth, and after all that loving justin control against her will, things were wet from difference. ("i always make the first move" she said, "stop it and come here" she tried)

and we passed out in that position, after i had fed her a tribute to birth control technology. i slept on top of her, inside of her, and she slept,inside of me, and then somehow i awoke later and energetically plunged in again. amy's orgasm impaled on my penis is a most elusive pleasure - i think i end up trying too hard. i listen to her moaning and push my rhythm and either cum quick or lost my love-strength from exertion or friction.

the lincoln nebs airport has old computer terminals for the united agents. there are more people waiting to greet their relatives here than you will likely see elsewhere in white america.

i have a loaner laptop from zdtv (they have been very kind to me, as have many other folks - thanks to you who've written with advice and consolation and stories, well appreciated!) - a heavy state-of-the-art-in-february 250mhz G3 macintosh with 96 megs of ram and a broken keyboard. so i lug this machine, in a web98/miller freeman "free shit" bag, with the extended keyboard II that's as long from the base of my nuts to my collarbone. luggable.

i have set up my office here in the asile of the other united gate - the only revealed power outlets. it is a mixed placement - my bbedit today.html makes me feel at home, but it defies the slow-talking family spirit of the state.

i composed an open letter to jerry brown on the subject of my neighborhood - anybody know his address?
(www.wtp.org - thanks agro)

and after some runza, we ate again at american legion hall #119, st. paul nebraska.

and as i stay up late at the ranchlands motel in bassett, typing while my brother tosses and turns, and my loaner computer extends my reach back out into the comforting world of friends and associates who have become so supportive, i am really excited about the future! thank you!

today's muzzik:

airport cnn. clinton's trip to china. does this mean any sino-philism looming soon? innerestin' to note that the xian dance routine has a lot number of colours involved besides red. communist dance is not so tourism-luring as ancient costumed culture. makes for better tv too. clinton says three words in chinese (probably: "buy american yes") and recieves a round of applause. is this historic? i'm tracking a 10% interest level here in the airport lounge. less than the dancing.

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