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november 24

caleb head getting ready for thanksgiving in chicago. so is egg. our first time on a plane together.

page on garlic
balsamic vinagrette recipe
l e page

"i'm going to bring your comb, ok?"

lynn and i, filmstrip like
redid yesterday with some links. lynn and elly both thought it was awry. I'm going to share this brief comment from lynn without her permission (lynn let me know if this bugs you - one thing about making one am web pages prior to 6am pickups is that it is hard to fact-quote-check)

... Do you ever go back and read what you've written before you release it to the world? I think some of your thoughts might be more forceful, and no less valid, with a bit of editing. Just a thought.

(she also sent this link)

naw man, this is way new writing for the way new medium man; editing is for people who have bills to pay. ooops. um, editing is for like the soul of wit.
well whatever, screw that dude, i'm like i know everything and this is my true thing - i'm keeping it real, webstalleon '98 y'all.

("forgive us our debts...")

in terms of keeping it real, my friend Aaron Ortiz from Honduras has sent me some reports from the capital Tegucigalpa on Hurricane Mitch.

and i should probably learn how to edit, but i figure this is where i have fun. I edit sort of, I go back and put links in and make it more confusing. i'll edit something to make a pitch or a letter or a proposal or an article in a more regulated medium. man, tv was all about editing, and I guess I did have a problem with that.

alone at home as amy works elsewhere before travelling I act better - cleaning the house, packing, sorting papers, paying bills, answering business correspondence. I listen to some weird swedish music and it helps me feel despondent. maybe it was the real sugar mexican cocacola i had with my "super wet" burrito wearing off. maybe it was that i hadn't yet done yoga. maybe it was fallout still from playing too much diablo knock off "rage of mages" translated from the russian adventure role playing game.

go here to hear what i heard, friend. "kulning"

beckbush otherwise it's robert johnson and 3.22am and wondering if i'll sleep before the busiest travel day of the year commences. missing my baby in bed but happy to be remaking my web memories of some dear old swarthmore friends. somehow the night before i leave anywhere is the best time for links making.


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