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november 23

recently i've started reading again. i just finished a book Oakland: Story of a City by Beth Bagwell, who now resides in Paris.

I also picked up a book on Garlic, two actually. Garlic has always interested me - both as a strong flavourant, and bearer of seeming health benefits. Julie that weird girl who visited a bit senior year, she was told I smelled of garlic. I was going through a phase of swallowing raw cloves for health. and I think it worked - I had very little digest

pardon me this is a very odd entry

digestive trouble in honduras because of my garlic swallowing and this book i got "the healing power of garlic" testifies to some serious good stuff garlic does.

garlic head anyways, i'm going to make a separate garlic web page. it will debate the virtue of garlic, and whether it is simply a sensuallists trip like marijuana or something powerful to be used very sparingly like marijuana

i'll probably link to molly steenson, and i'll talk about garlic and my hands

i'm feeling a little taken aback, as i have recently. bud.com has come back alive a little bit. my email was down. she didn't call from his cell phone when we were supposed to meet from dinner - they left a note instead. but the restaurant was so crowded. i like it when she lays on top of me with her butt in the air under the blanket. her head was uncomfortable a little so she moved it. then her mom called. the condom was still hanging off me but i think the space between our bodies protected the bedclothes from nonoxydl-9 and pussy grease or what have you.

my milk cow been gone. i'm listening to josh white he sings smooth like some kind of city slicker blues guy from the early century but he keeps mentioning his damn absent milk cow. one time his nephew emailed me because he found josh white on these pages and josh white ain't on too many other pages. at least back then.

amy's editing her movie. it's about menstruation. it's very graphic. i have a part in it, and i'm naked, except you can't see my feet really. it was fun to be a part of it. now amy's editing it. on an avid machine. with her producer partner joanne. doug's film was accepted by sundance. i'm going to help amy promote blood. i want to release the soundtrack single "i love jelly donuts" by kristin as an Mp3. stay tuned.

steve rhodes called me. before he called me i had a flash - i should offer steve rhodes and his chris our laundry facilities. cuz i bet he need them. but i didn't call him yet. steve rhodes called and he's thinking about UC berkeley journalism school. documentary class or new media or whatever - hone skills and develop thots and jeez back to school? couldn't we just teach ourselves? couldn't steve rhodes teach the class himself? there's so much we don't know. recently i've discovered academia is crazy - they really love performers from the other side -

at swarthmore aging folk legend odetta was trumpeted as the greatest thing to ever hit the dry suburbs of philadelphia prior to her big debut and then it was just some biscuit rolling - no big transformative concert moment.

q bert at san francisco art institute Q-Bert spoke and showed some new flik and mostly scratched, manipulated LPs on some technics 1200zxs or something - and while everything he did was pretty fat, the basic stuff, even the just the flip, the minor turn, something, had the dredlocked coloured glasses wearing faculty and students practically leaned out of their seats by their applauding hands. what's with that? weird scene. he was like, "aww, it's nothing." every two minutes. every 45 seconds. it was like none of the audience had ever seen anyone do anything. or they'd never tried anything themselves.

so academia's weirding me out. and i'm fond of saying i'm unemployed these days, though i do teach. amy's mom thinks i should get my PhD. jesus.

amy cooked vegan curry tonight, red pepper, coconut milk, onion, two kinds mushrooms, garlic, bamboo, tofu, and then she added a hard boiled egg.

shower ahhhh i'm excited because now that all my problems are solved the holidays are beginning. amy come home with me wednesday to chicago to me parents house and the crazy scene of family dinner love and food and sleep afterwards. i think it will be a fabulous luxury to have my favourite flesh and companion on hand with a massive feed and a bathroom with practically unlimited hot water. oh how i love a long shower. what i got now here at me house is an antique showerhead, like 20s 30s that i saved from swarthmore trash but it runs off a 30 gallon tank and it kills that tank in 4 minutes.

"i'll see you later i'm going to take off all of my clothes and go to bed."

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