making something of yourself

I have a full on guide to personal publishing you might want to flip through.

If you are a web publishing virgin, read some html hacking, and start making up a page in SimpleText, on your hard drive. When you get just a few codes in place, save the file.

Name your first file index.html because that is the default file name served up from your directory when people request it over the web.
Each file you make should be called whatever.html - the .html part is important, because it tells NetScape (or Mosiac) that it is a web page.

Once you've saved your work, load NetScape and choose "Open File" from the "File" menu, then select your personal .html file.

By making changes in the SimpleText file, and then reloading the file in NetScape, you can get a feel for the language and making web pages. Go ahead and look at the linking part of the tutorial, and make some links, they should still work, even though your .html file is not on the web.

next you gotta get and use a condor account to publish pages webwide.

web publishing at Swarthmore

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